E — nick.bartoletti@gmail.com

T — 253 - 334 - 3117

I have been working at Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro as a 3D Artist since 2007.  My first few years were spent working on Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures and creating Magic: Online avatars. I’ve since worked on a variety of trailers, concepting/look dev/R&D, and pipelines. Projects varied utilizing different aspects of 3D modeling including character modeling, texturing/shading, rigging, animation and FX.

Recently I have been working on high resolution cinematic characters and props and turning 2D Magic: The Gathering card art into dimensional environments to move a camera through and tell a story.

Outside of work I focus on creating experimental video and music environments. Using a collection of analog video tools such as LZX Visionary modular system, Tachyons + Opti-glitch, video mixers, cameras and and feedback systems. I have been been integrating my professional skill set as a 3D artist to create experimental simulations and create 3D printed objects to integrate into my visual repertoire. I create music in a band called Crypts, a dark electronic night called Lust Strength, and solo as Nick Bartoletti.